Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Claudia - 34 Months Old

During this trip back, Claudia get to experience Aussie children birthday party (including me). It's Claudia cousin William birthday party at his grandmother house. Lots of children, food and games. She did have a great time. And at the end of our trip, we went to Hobart, Tasmanian for 3 days. Hobart is very quiet and peace place. Claudia and I took a double decker red bus city tour while daddy went for this meeting. It is her first time on a bus and she is so excited.

Claudia - 33 Months Old

Another 6 months has gone and we are back to Adelaide for another break. This time is winter. Claudia adapt the weather very well. In fact better than her dad cause at the end of the trip, daddy got a cold and Claudia is still going strong. Since she grow taller and more energetic, she is always playing/running in the garden with the cat.

Claudia - 32 Months Old

Claudia have started to learn play independently which means I don't have to sit with her all the time. She also enjoys being around other children especially older children. I guess she is almost ready for school/kindy.

Claudia - 31 Months Old

If you noticed, Claudia have a new pose this month.
She likes to place both hands around her eyes area whenever I snap a picture of her.
Spiderman or Ultraman?